Individualized Customer Journeys

As part of an effective customer centricity approach  and to ensure that you are maximizing revenue per customer, you must go beyond simple product recommendations.

The customer journey is a term referring to the whole life cycle of a customer, from first product purchase to cancellation. This whole process with all its touch points offers many upsell and retention opportunities that should be personalized to each customer for the highest ROI.

The patterns behind customer purchases can be leveraged using machine intelligence to determine which product to offer, how to offer it, what to charge and WHEN TO OFFER IT. Just focusing on short term campaign conversion rates will lead to initial revenue increases but does not maximize wallet share, it leads to consistently selling the same products.

We offer a wholistic approach for your customers, your sales processes (agent, direct, online, inbound), and all customer touch points.

  • Customer Journey recommendations across all channels
  • Personalized demographic marketing recommendations
  • Personalized demographic sales script recommendations
  • Intelligent Agent Alignment through demographic, psychographic and geographic analysis.
  • Cost reduction and resource prioritization through best customer contact method and time predictions

Know Your Customer (KYC)

From experience we know the complete data picture of your customers are hard to piece together completely and visualize. Marketing has excel spreadsheets, data exists in billing, CRM, chat logs, emails, data warehouses, external marketing systems and many locations. The challenge is not only consolidating that data, but ensuring that it aligns properly. Determining a single customer's identity throughout can be daunting due to name changes, misspellings and commonalities, and externally it is even harder to align with social media and data providers.

Our team has been connecting to, linking and creating customer 360 visualizations for hundreds of clients over the years and know the most efficient approaches. We leverage the ELK (ElasticSearch stack) to quickly and at scale centralize your data, visualize it and use advanced MI techniques to solve the tricky identity alignment problem.

A mention about unstructured data is equally important. The information that exists in emails, chats and other free text documents can give insight into customer satisfaction, help predict interests for product alignment and flag potential fraud issues.