Virtual Country Manager

Success in Asia for software companies usually hinges on a few factors: establishing a sales network, successfully delivering referral customers and being able to navigation the local culture and regulations. Depending on your expansion plans, language may also be a barrier. Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and India are more forgiving for English only support for instance. We have a network of resources available in most countries that we can utilize for more localized implementations. We have direct experience selling and growing AI FinTech technology in Asia across the top banks and insurance companies and successfully delivering complex AI data integrations. Our sales, project management and account management are typically handled through Hong Kong and Singapore bases in the same models that the banks and insurance companies use. Data privacy compliance regulations, especially around the financial industries require specialized approaches and an understanding of what the regulatory agencies will permit. Some countries will actively block personal data from leaving the country, requiring creative solutions for your cloud based products.

We only choose customers/partners who products and culture are complimentary to delivering value to our customers and with NO competitive overlap and thus no conflicts of interest. Many times the technologies can be combined for even greater value.

Offshore Development and Architecture

We provide technology advisory services specifically around AI, Analytics, NLP and data processing for both local and foreign based companies. Our team has collectively developed hundreds of data connectors for our customers in the ETL, AI and enterprise search spaces for systems such as SAP, Salesforce, Netsuite, Exchange, Jive, Box, and SharePoint for example. We leverage agile and scrum models and are experienced in Java, C#, Python, AWS, Azure, Elastic Search and many other technologies. We are not a general development company though, and only focus on helping our current customer success partnership companies improve their offerings as it is a win-win for everyone. We have established relationships with Manila and Hong Kong resources for rapid team development.